December 4, 2018

Type of infrared thermal imaging camera

Infrared thermal imagers have become more and more familiar in recent years, and more industries are beginning to use and reuse infrared thermal imagers.So, what kinds of infrared thermal imagers are there?Today we will sort it out according to the form of use.

1. Online thermal imager

The online thermal imager is generally fixedly installed during use, and realizes real-time monitoring, alarm and post-data analysis functions through the supporting online software. When selecting this type of thermal imager, the distribution installation scheme is generally determined according to the size of the lens field of view combined with the area of the scene being measured. Currently widely used in industrial automation, petrochemical metallurgy, machine room, warehouse.






2. Handheld thermal imager

Compared with the traditional thermal imager, the general instrument is equipped with a TF card, and the data can be exported through offline software for analysis. The user can move as needed and is easy to carry, suitable for outdoor work. Handheld thermal imaging cameras are equipped with batteries and are widely used in hunting, navigation, search and rescue, military operations, police, fire, petrochemical and other fields.




3. Integrated thermal imager

Due to the increasingly compact design of thermal imagers, more intelligent industries have chosen and integrated technology. The most widely used are: 1). Unmanned aerial vehicle thermal imager: data transmission through the network for analysis, wide range of uses Such as search and rescue, large-scale power station inspection, high-altitude cable fault detection, forest fire prevention, etc., greatly reducing personnel and operating costs; 2), robot integrated thermal imager: when the robot is integrated into the thermal imager, whether it is for fire, smart tour Inspection, night vision armed, etc., have an irreplaceable role; 3), visible light / infrared dual-sensor thermal imaging camera: the use of the cloud platform, the perfect combination of visible light camera and infrared thermal imaging camera, infrared thermal imaging camera temperature imaging / night vision The function is completely combined with the clear recognition/positioning of visible light, and is widely used in industries such as coastal defense, forest fire prevention, and aquaculture.

4. Consumer thermal imager

At present, there are two types of consumer thermal imagers that are most common: 1). Thermal imaging night vision: Traditional night vision devices require low light assistance to image, while thermal imaging technology can still be clearly imaged without being affected by visible light. Such characteristics just make up for this deficiency, do not actively emit light, good concealment, to protect your night safety; 2), mobile phone thermal imager: as the name suggests is inserted in the phone, so that the phone has infrared thermal imaging function, generally small size It is easy to carry and widely used in daily homes (floor heating, property construction, self-inspection of inflammation, etc.) and simple replacement of traditional hand-held.

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