September 25, 2017

Vehicle mount Anti-vibration photoelectronic system

With the intensification of the international anti-terrorism situation intensified, it’s necessary for the implementation of real-time surveillance on vehicles . At the same time, in the area of coastal defense, public security, traffic police, judicial, urban management , numerous violations of law and regulations, vehicle mount surveillance in these areas is also essential.

vehicle mount

Hope-wish vehicle mount photoelectric system integrate car DVR, wireless video surveillance, GPS positioning function in one, you can record the entire vehicle driving state data,real-time multi-angle monitoring data. Managers can know the operation and location of the vehicle anytime, anywhere, in the event of an accident, you can take effective measures in the first time to protect the public’s life and property safety. The video information,could be a strong   evidence for managers, police and judicial personnel in the event of disputes and criminal cases .In the monitoring center, the staff can choose to watch any vehicle through the video and image which post back real-time wireless network, you can also on-demand or download the car hard drive video data, real-time recept the help information sent back by the soldiers,   Therefore, the vehicle anti-seismic optoelectronic system can really become a good tool for the manager.


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