June 11, 2018

Water Monitoring Solutions-Long range thermal and NIR laser surveillance system

The demand of video surveillance in the water conservancy industry is mainly based on hydrological monitoring, safety production, and automation management. The main monitoring locations include dams, water levels, and water outlets; it mainly serves as equipment, hydrological status monitoring, personnel operation management, and security and security functions.

Reservoir Management

• Through the video surveillance system can monitor the reservoir water level.

• In areas such as the spillway of the reservoir, most of the time is unattended, and surveillance cameras need to be set up for real-time monitoring.

• Monitor the surrounding environment of reservoirs and dams to prevent vandalism.

• No swimming area cordon analysis.

Fairway monitoring

• Number of vessels in the fairway, vessel density detection.

• Through a set of video surveillance systems, we can understand the hydrological conditions of rivers upstream and downstream.

• When the operator operates the gate, it needs to monitor the opening and closing of the gate through the video surveillance system.

• Monitor the situation along important sections of the river to prevent damage to water conservancy facilities.

• Use with hydrological monitors and other devices to remotely monitor visual video images of hydrological monitors.

System functions

1. Perimeter intrusion detection

2. Important equipment and facilities safety testing

Water conservancy facilities and facilities are mostly outdoors, and some of them are unattended hydropower equipment and it is forbidden for people to enter. Once it is vandalized, it will have a very serious impact on production and daily life. By setting a guard zone for no-man’s land, even if unattended, an alarm signal can be promptly issued to objects that suddenly appear to be intrusive in the set area, and the management personnel can be informed in a timely manner through mobile phones or wireless.

3. Security Management

The depth of water in some areas of the waters is generally not suitable for people to swim. It is prone to accidents. If an object enters the area, an alarm will occur. You can also connect voice devices to make voice calls. At the same time, due to the calm surface of the water surface, the undercurrent whirlpool is not readily recognizable to the naked eye. If the ship is not aware of the safety of the waterway, the water surface operation is more prone to danger. In this case, the water surface fluctuations can be set regularly. Once the vessel enters, the vessel will promptly warn. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and vessels.

4. gate opening status analysis

In order to ensure the safety of the gate area, it is forbidden to invade, squat, and stay in the vicinity of the flood discharge gate, and be more vigilant as to whether dangerous articles will be left behind to prevent damage to the gate. Surveillance personnel are not able to keep an eye on the occurrence of abnormal conditions 24 hours awake on the monitor screen. Therefore, once the rules are set, an alarm will be generated in time if there is a rule different from the normal situation, and it can be linked with voice intercom. Voice announcement.

5. Water Cleanliness Testing

Explanation: Unknown objects appear on the surface of the water, such as oil leakage, accumulation of rubbish on the water surface, etc.; changes in the water surface scene, and then carry out analysis and alarm.

The program consists of long focal length day and nigh HD lenses, infrared thermal imaging and laser illuminator system.with 360 degree PTZ and fog filter, The camera can monitor the river surface of several kilometers, and the monitoring distance can reach as much as 3 kilometers.

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