May 2, 2017

What is PTZ camera

PTZ stands for “pan-tilt-zoom”. A PTZ camera uses motors to physically adjust the camera’s aim and zoom. Users are able to remotely control the actual orientation and optical zoom of the camera.These movements can be manually controlled by using monitoring software or a joystick, or automatically set up using camera management software.

You can also use camera management software to set up guard tours, where the camera will automatically move to monitor preset locations on a schedule. Some cameras can also auto track movement, following a person or car moving in its field of view.

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How PTZ Works

PTZ cameras can cover a very large area. Not only can they tilt up and down, they can usually rotate 360 degrees. Users can aim a live PTZ camera to any region at any time.


The camera can swivel to the left and right, allowing it to have a wide area of coverage ,Pan can range from a complete 360 circle to smaller areas


The camera can tilt up and down, giving it a wide vertical range of coverage The amount the camera can tilt will vary by camera model, but goes up to 180 degrees.


Digital zoom blows up the image using software, often resulting in pixilated images when zoomed too far, and is not recommended,PTZ cameras use optical zooming, changing the focal length to zoom in and out; this allows the camera to maintain image quality so the image quality is not affected by zooming. If you zoom a 1-megapixel camera to its furthest point, you will still have a 1-megapixel image.

Here is a simple demonstration of this effect:


How PTZ can help you:

  1. Monitoring large areas: the PTZ camera can be pan, tilted and zoomed to cover hundreds of acres . This is not possible with fixed cameras which normally only cover a small area .
  2. PTZ can be placed on tours (patterns) that move the camera in a predetermined way to capture areas of interest. For instance, over a 1 minute period, the camera can capture the front door, the gate to the parking lot and the fenceline. The tour can repeat indefinitely.
  3. Operators can control PTZ cameras to track a suspect or respond to a security incident. The operator can zoom in to view and capture fine details like facial features or license plate. The operator can also follow a suspect across a large area.
  4. Because PTZ can cover a wide area, this reduces the cost of coverage per given area.
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