September 19, 2017

What is an Infrared detector?

Infrared Detectors:

The infrared detector is a device that converts invisible infrared radiation into a measurable signal and is a key component of the infrared camera system.The thermal effects of the incident IR radiation can be followed through many temperature dependent phenomena. In IR spectrometers the pyroelectric detectors are the most widespread.


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Detector size:

Detector size refers to the size of a single detector on the detector, the general specifications are 25um.35um, etc., the smaller the detection element, the better the quality of imaging.


Infrared detector resolution:

Resolution is an important parameter that measures the merits of a thermal imager, indicating how many units of detector elements are on the focal plane .mainstream resolution on the market  of 160 * 120, 384 * 288, in addition to 320 * 240,640 * 480, the higher the resolution, the imaging results will be more clear.


Infrared detectors can be used for a variety of applications in the military, scientific, security, medical, industrial and automotive areas. Common applications using infrared detectors include rail safety, gas leak detection, flame detection, alcohol level testing for DUI’s, anaesthesiology testing, petroleum exploration, space operations, temperature sensing, water and steel analysis. Also, thermal night vision goggles collect infrared radiation particles by sensing the emitted heat and using these particles in order to create a picture. The picture appears in different colors depending on the heat of these IR particles. IR detectors assist night driving, night flying and night surveillance, sleep lab monitoring, wildlife observation and search and rescue missions. Infrared motion detectors are used in home alarm systems. Law enforcement officials can also use IR detectors to help them find criminals that may be hiding in dark areas.

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