December 11, 2017

What‘s the applications of thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging or infrared camera images are often used in news coverage for good reason: thermal vision is pretty damn impressive.

The technology doesn’t quite allow you to “see through” walls, but it’s about as close as you can get to x-ray vision.

But once the novelty of the idea has worn off, you might be left wondering: what else can I actually do with a thermal camera?

As it turns out – quite a lot. In fact, we’ve just come up with over 10 different uses.

Feel free to add any extra ideas in the comments section below, or contact us if you’d like some advice on which thermal imaging camera is right for you.

Safety & Law Enforcement

1. Surveillance – see hiding burglars or track someone fleeing a crime scene.

Police helicopter thermal image

2. Firefighting – quickly identify if a spot fire or camp fire is actually out, or just about to reignite.

3. Search & rescue – find out where people are in darkened or smoke-filled rooms.

4. Maritime navigation – clearly see other vessels or people in the water at night-time.

5. Road safety – see people or animals beyond the reach of vehicle headlights or streetlights.

6. Military & defense applications – thermal imaging is of course also used in a wide range of military hardware, including aerial drones. Although now just one use of thermal imaging, military applications are what originally drove much of the initial R&D.

7. Counter-surveillance – covert surveillance equipment such as listening devices or hidden cameras all consume some energy which gives off waste heat that is clearly visible on a thermal camera (even if hidden inside or behind an object).

Counter surveillance with a thermal camera

8. Wildlife surveys – conduct night-time wildlife surveys and other animal research without the use of trapping or more invasive methods.

9. Hunting – similar to military applications, thermal imaging can also be used for hunting (infrared camera rifle scopes, monoculars, etc). I should add, we don’t sell these!

10. Power usage – quickly see which circuits on a switchboard are consuming the most power.

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