June 19, 2018

What’s the best IR night vision laser illuminator for long range surveillance.

Good laser camera products must fully consider the safety of the laser. The laser remains off during power-on self-test.The laser automatically reaches the maximum dispersion angle at startup. The power density of the laser can be automatically controlled.Under the premise of ensuring that the lighting is satisfied, the excessively high power density has been strictly limited to meet the national safety laser power density standard. In addition, according to the user’s customization, the automatic shutdown function can be added. In the maintenance inspection, people and objects in close proximity can be automatically detected, and the laser can be turned off immediately to further ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel.

A good laser camera should have the following features

1. Photosensitive control laser switch,And the laser on and black &white status of the camera must be synchronized. It is necessary to avoid the phenomenon of continuous opening of the laser for 24 hours, otherwise it will greatly reduce the service life of the equipment.

2. according to the site environment, you can set the laser manual switch, for example, in the square, the lights open, you can consider turning off the laser, the effect will be better, after the street lights off, open the laser, also maintain good results, remote background controllable.

3.  laser and lens synchronization, users only need to control the lens zoom, laser automatically follow the right position,avoiding after zooming, manually adjust the laser again.

4. the laser should have a preset function. This requirement is especially important when linkage alarms call presets. The precision of the system preset position should also be as accurate as possible, otherwise this function is like a chicken rib.

5.  in order to ensure the efficiency of laser use, the coating technology of the front cover of the lens and the shield is also very critical, a good coating technology, can increase the infrared transmittance of about 20%.

6. Consider advanced features such as salt spray corrosion protection, fog penetration, and anti-glare protection under special circumstances.As much as possible to make the device suitable for any environment.

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